About BachatCoins

BachatCoins is a cross-merchant loyalty program to reward youfor every spending. It helps you to accumulate and redeem reward points on your every small and big purchase.
As a BachatCoins member (a “BachatCoiner”) you accumulate BachatCoins which can later be exchanged for purchases at our partner stores. All you need to do is provide your linked mobile number during the checkout process.
You accumulate BachatCoins effortlessly as you shop across our diverse portfolio of ever-increasing storescovering various categories such as groceries, Healthcare, fuel, entertainment, travel, fashion, electronics, skincare, and many more.
We make your everyday spending more rewarding and more fun!
  • You earn BachatCoins on every big or small purchase.
  • Your BachatCoins are redeemable at our affiliated stores.
  • Our special BachatCoins Product Catalog has all your favourite stuff from various brands and categories.Whether you want home decorations, kitchen items, electronics, healthcare items, food staples, or even a smartphone or vehicle upon request, we've got something for everyone.
  • Soon we are coming with the feature to earn and redeem BachatCoins on Utility payments like mobile & DTH recharge, Fastag, waterand electricity.
  • BachatCoin carries fixed value of Rs. 2.5 per 100 BachatCoins.
Any individual, firm, company or artificial person eligible to contract as per law of land.
You can enroll for a free BachatCoins membership by signing up at one of our partner stores. Just use your mobile number when you join, and that number will be connected to your account.The same number will be used in every future purchase and redemption. You can also sign up through the BachatCoins app and website. You will use the same mobile number to collect and use points at our partner stores.
Our partners are varied and diverse,ranging from your local store you visit frequently for routine items to those where you make lifetime purchases. Our partners do both i.e. giving and redeeming reward points. Know Our Partners.
You can find BachatCoins Partners on our app & website. Alternately, you could call our call center and get the necessary information.
You can reach us at 7309881010 (Local call charges apply). We are available from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on all 7 days of the week.

Account Information:

Visit www.bachatcoins.com and enter your registered Mobile Number to activate your account online.
Visit the profile section of www.bachatcoins.com
Once we've issued a BachatCoins Membership to someone, it cannot be transferred to another person. However, BachatCoins PLUSmembers have the option to transfer points to five of their family and friends whom they have listed in their profile on our website.
A member can end his BachatCoins Membership by contacting our Contact Center or by sending an email to support@bachatcoins.com to request termination. After the membership is canceled, any existing BachatCoins will be voided. Please remember to redeem your points before canceling the membership, although we hope and will make every effort to ensure you never cancel your BachatCoins membership.
Once you've submitted your request, your account will be deleted within 30 business days.
Unfortunately, the canceledaccounts cannot be reactivated.


It is super easy and quick. With every purchase,you shall be entitled to receive BachatCoins.You earn more based on the category, segment, and brand you wish to shop for. Sneak peek into the complete list of our brand partners here www.bachatcoins.com
For example, at shop A, you can earn 2 Coins per ₹100 spent on sugar, 20 Coins per ₹100 spent on spices, 50 Coins per ₹100 spent on bags - and so on. At shop B, you get a flat rate - 100 Coins on your first transaction, and 25 Coins on subsequent transactions, regardless of how much you spend.
BachatCoins get credited instantly in most cases, however, on transactions done at few partners, the credit of coins may take longer.
BachatCoins have lifetime validity.
The number of BachatCoinsyou earn depends on the BachatCoins Partner and it might vary. To know more, please visit www.bachatcoins.com
Soon we are coming up with this feature.
Please reach out to us at 7309881010 (Local call charges apply) or write to us at support@bachatcoins.comandwe assure you that we will handle it.
BachatCoins Plus is an annual membership upgrade to reward our loyal shoppers. It is an opportunity to earn greater rewards every time they shop across BachatCoins partners and is bigger, better, and more in every aspect! We totally recommend upgrading.
You can upgrade your account for 1 Year by redeeming 2000 BachatCoins coins or for 3 months by redeeming 1000 BachatCoins coins at the BachatCoins Plus page. For more information see www.bachatcoins.com

Redemption Information:

Should you decide to pick up the product in person, you can take it from us on the same day. On the other hand, if you opt for courier delivery, the delivery time will vary depending on the distance and the specific product, ranging from 2 to 10 days.
We’re sorry if that ever happens! In this situation, please get in touch with us within seven days of receiving the item, and we will promptly arrange for a replacement to be sent to your designated mailing address.
Please log in to your account on the BachatCoinsApp or Website to update your mailing address before placing your order. Reach out to us for any other address-related issues.

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